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Kyiv Business Law School (KBLS) – is a virtual platform on the market of educational services. KBLS through online services connects educational service providers and the consumers of educational services. KBLS learning is the cooperation of the teacher and the student in the process of developing and consolidating the necessary skills of the student to achieve success in his professional activity. KBLS educational process also aims to maximize the disclosure and effective realization of the student’s potential on a personal and professional level. The conditions of a study in BLS: 1. The student wants to achieve a certain result and he is ready to act accordingly. 2. The student agrees that not only the teacher is responsible for the result, but, first of all, the student himself. 3. The student is ready to listen and perceive criticism in his address to achieve success in learning.

New course from September 1: "Training & Coaching for Law Firms, Lawyers and Counsel"

Registration for the course will be open in August

Denis Lyons: English language and law training for lawyers and business executives on Skype

Denis Lyons: English legal system (an introduction)

Establishment and registration of business in Ukraine (algorithm of practical actions)

Training & Coaching for Law Firms, Lawyers and Counsel

English Language and law training for Lawyers and Business Executives with Denis Lyons.

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